Recessed Lights

Thinking of adding more lighting to your home, or updating existing lighting? Recessed lights may be the perfect option! Modern LED recessed lighting products are energy efficient, and they work well for ambient lighting or task lighting needs. We even have options for “canless” lights that can be installed virtually anywhere, even where there’s no clearance for a housing (aka can). We can retrofit existing recessed lights with new LED modules, and we can even replace standard light fixtures with recessed lights.

Halo is our preferred brand for recessed and canless lights for multiple reasons. For example, Halo LED modules have a high lumen rating, long life at full lumens, and 5-year warranty. They also have a high color rendering index rating, or CRI, which is the ability of the light to represent color accurately. High CRI means that colors look rich and true to life. Another important feature is the built-in selectable color temperature with 5 different settings from warm white to daylight. The modules also come in multiple sizes. And they’re available in adjustable gimbal style that to highlight art or architectural features.

So, what does it take to have recessed lights installed? Reach out by phone or email today to chat about your specific goals and site conditions! We can help you get an understanding of the scope and cost of the installation. In the example featured in the gallery below, there were no existing overhead lights in the room. And the ceilings were vaulted so there was no attic access. But we completed the installation without cutting any extra holes. The ceiling joists were oriented in a way that allowed us to fish from one light opening to the next without cutting anything extra. This meant the homeowner didn’t need to do any sheetrock patching! Each job varies, and our experienced electricians will find the most efficient option for your home.

Check out the gallery below to see a recessed lighting installation from start to finish!