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Zinsco Circuit Breakers on Sale

By Electric Company of Seattle

Attention: Electricians, Home Owners and Apartment Managers

Contact us now for a huge selection of all of the hard to find Zinsco Circuit Breakers at special pricing.

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Free local delivery in Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Lynnwood, Everett and surrounding areas.

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Expert Troubleshooting and Repairs

By Electric Company of Seattle

We quickly Troubleshoot and Repair Electrical Problems

Troubleshooting Electrical Problems by Expert Electricians

Main Electrical Panel Repairs

By Electric Company of Seattle

We Troubleshoot and Repair problems in Electrical Panels

We Troubleshoot, Repair, and Replace older Electrical Panels


Good Electricians are Fire Prevention Specialists!

By Electric Company of Seattle

Electrical Safety in Your Home

By Electric Company of Seattle

Protect your family and your home by staying alert for common signs that you may have a dangerous electrical problem in your home. Some of these signs include:

  • If your power goes out a lot or the lights in your home flicker, smell bad or make noise, have an electrician come to inspect your wiring.
  • Outlets near water sources, such as those in your kitchen and bathroom should have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) built in. This can protect you from a dangerous shock when using an electrical device in a wet or damp environment.
  • All electrical outlets and switches should be covered by faceplates to prevent accidental contact with the side or back of the device.
  • Ensure that the electrical cord on any plug-in device is in good condition. If in doubt, buy a replacement or have the device repaired.
  • Smoke detectors that are hard wired and connected together are a great investment. They will notify you in case of a fire by sounding an alarm in all parts of the house.
  • Electric in-wall heaters should be vacuumed two times a year to prevent the buildup of combustibles on the heating elements.